We are very proud to announce that our popular Teacher Aide courses are delivering very good job outcomes for students. Our close working partnership with schools has enabled us to tailor courses to the specific needs of schools in this area. Three prominent education recruitment agencies are providing employment opportunities for our graduates. This is great news and is testimony to the quality of our courses which will multi-skill you in three different areas of employment in schools as a teacher aide –working directly with students supporting their learning, office administration and sickbay duties. We are confident that our courses will give you an edge over applicants for teacher aide positions. Furthermore we will provide you with guidance, following completion of your qualification, to maximise your chances of employment –firstly with the three education recruitment agencies with whom we are already working and in general.


1. Choose your course and location in Primary School – Check table of courses below

2. Read about your course

3. Read and view films of industry/job prospects/wages

4. Please register on our website and we will keep you updated on confirmation of class dates and enrolment process. You can cancel at any time. Click here to register your interest

5. Call Liz on 0411 020 220 to check your eligibility for funding and answer any further questions.

6. Optional – book in for a 1 hour consultation to offer support in job pathway mapping, building your resume mapping so it’s all ready for when you finish your course. Berwick Lodge Primary school is the location of appointment. – Fill in the Job Prep form

7. Enrol in your course – Check table of courses below

8. Ready for class!

For information on all the courses please click the link below:

Table of Courses