Community Rooms

The need for Community Rooms within Primary Schools

Locations currently are:


1. Researching skill gaps in 4yr old children, develop programs to invite these children to Primary Schools to better prepare for Prep (better communication, better kindergartens and prep teachers) – matching to curriculum and framework.

2. Support parents returning to work in Adult classes and linked to jobs (Teacher Aide, Childcare, Job Preparation and Aged Care).

3. Welcoming parents of small business that teach young children in mindfulness, relaxation and drumming classes to use this space for free.

4. Creating a calming, supportive environment for the above and current children of the Primary School so in high stress times the whole class group are taken to the community room for Yoga, Meditation, Drumming, etc. utilising local small businesses that run these educational and relaxing classes. (linking the heart, mind and body with the mainstream AUSVELS curriculum and kindergarten framework).

“Check the availability of the free space to run your class”

berwick lodge primary school

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Berwick Lodge flyer

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Olinda Primary School

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Olinda Primary flyer

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Our 2 new community rooms will run the below “learning cycles”

1. Yoga/Meditation/Mindfulness classes

2. PMP (for fine and gross motor skills)

3. American Indian drumming

Book in for an Adult class: Table of Courses >

1. Cert III in Education Support (Teacher Aide)

2. Cert III in Children’s Services

3. Cert III in Aged Care

4. Job Preparation Unit

Local businesses that are running classes to teach 4yr old children or adults book here >

Liz Blanchard currently works at Berwick Lodge Primary School as a Community Participation Co-Ordinator, Quality Manager (ISO 9001) and OHS Nominee.  She also works independently as an Adults Classes Co-ordinator – Letter of Introduction from the Principal of Berwick Lodge

Liz has worked for 3 years on an idea of bringing Adult Education to a Primary School which is now in 4 locations.  This raises money for the school in rental by running these nationally accredited courses and also gains lots of jobs for the parents.  The parents have been mentored by the Principal and feel more supported in this environment.  The Principal of Berwick Lodge and Liz Blanchard have developed a Job preparation unit that is designed for the Education industry and is need to be able to achieve a job in Primary Schools.

Liz works with Berwick Lodge Primary School and Kindergartens in the City of Casey to build partnerships and solution solve what is needed for school readiness. Linking the School and the Kindergarten together.

Liz also researches skills gaps and discusses this in a bridging meeting with Prep Teachers, Principal, Assisting Principals and Kindergarten Educators to develop programs that can support 4 year old children and parents of the City of Casey.

This has been a much needed group discussion. Our first public talk from an Early Childhood Educator gathered 40 Kindergarten Educators at Berwick Lodge Primary School. See  Perceptual Motor Program flyer >

From this we are developing a bridging of the kindergarten framework and the Primary School curriculum in “Learning Cycles” for 4yr old children >Read more

If you have a 4yr old child that would like to join one of these classes please contact us and we can book you in – Contact >

For local businesses that teach young children:

If you would like to run your class from Olinda or Berwick Lodge Primary Schools Contact us for more information. You can also call Liz on 0411 020 220 if you have any questions.

Survey results from teachers of Berwick Lodge and Olinda Primary Schools for the need of the community rooms for their current students – Survey results >


Early Years Learning Framework (Kindergarten) >

AUSVELS linked to Early Years Framework >


We have a feedback link for the Kindergarten educator and parents in regards to supporting you with school readiness, resources, skill gaps and linking with your compliance. Could you please click on this link and answer a few feedback questions. Feedback >


We would love your feedback on our new community room and any ideas you may have. Community room feedback >