We are an independent organisation that researches and bridges the gap between training and employment in an aim for you to gain the most employable skills and access a job as soon as possible.
Industries have requirements of skills and experience that are needed and we identify these and negotiate with the school to customise a package to achieve what businesses in some industries want and negotiation to connect jobs and work experience to the training.

Our aim is to research within community groups and Primary Schools and match skills gaps with their needs.  We create whole classrooms within primary schools and the parents and friends can learn a nationally accredited course in their local community and vote on their hours, which is usually around pickup and drop of their children.

We have a “mothers returning to work” program which supports parents and they learn in their own children’s school and all are having very positive experience in their education. Our Teacher Aide course is linked to many jobs via 3 education agencies. We have customised this course which is what is needed by large education recruitment agencies and will give you amazing employable skills.

Creating Parent Friendly Courses

Classes that support parents returning to work, learn in between pick-up and drop-off of your kids

  • Based Around the hours of your children’s school hours
  • You vote on days and hours to study
  • We link Teacher Aide courses with employment
  • Trainers come to us in our children’s school
  • Giving you great employable skills
  • Teacher Aide course is redesigned to be multi-skilled (teacher Aide, Sick bay and office)
  • The Principal of Berwick Lodge have assisted in preparing a great industry job prep unit that we have added to this course to help the student apply for jobs as the education industry needs the layout and criteria different to most job applications.
  • Consultation before start of course to map resume and job pathway
  • classes taught in the environment of job roles
  • Model is mentored by School principal
  • Research industry info, job roles filmed
  • Research what employers need in staff and filming
  • Becoming smarter with how you achieve your job
  • Research of job prospects statistics and wages info
  • Who we are – we are an independent org that creates the while cycle from training to preparing you for the industry, job prep, matching your skills you have and solution solving ways to build your resume as you study your course
  • We also research what employers want and what they want to see on your resume
  • Working smarter will create better results for you as qualifications are not the answer to employment
  • We are not an RTO and do not manage your national accredited course but to support you through your studies.
  • We do not guarantee you employment but will help you as much as we can.
  • Study in the industry environment
  • Industry background
  • Filming of job roles
  • Industry expert mentoring
  • Building your resume to match your qual
  • Mapping your job pathway and goals to achieve
  • Skills list of what employers want

Qualifications alone is not enough.